Welcome to Pearl Girl

My name is Megan (which means pearl) and I have loved sewing since I was a child.  After becoming a mother to two little girls ages 7 years and 20 months), I was inspired to create my Pearl Girl clothing line.

My hope is to bring a little bit of sunshine to the children who wear my clothes by using both new and up-cycled fabrics I often find at local thrift stores.

A sampling of my work can be found here for your viewing. I am currently selling Pearl Girl items at both Bellies to Babies and Mish Mash Studio.  I  accept custom orders via email at meganmmc@yahoo.com.

I love receiving pictures of children wearing my clothes. If you’re willing, please send pictures of your children with permission to post on my Alphabet Adventures blog. I will include only first name and age of the child.

10% of all Pearl Girl profits benefit  Children’s Tumor Foundation.

F is for French boutique

The room started out as a Pottery Barn boy’s room with blue paint and the name Jack on the wall when we bought the house. I turned quickly turned it into Le Petite Pearle which was my little sewing haven and dress shop ready for little girls and their mothers to visit for their fittings. When baby arrived it quickly became a hoarding room where all the crap I couldn’t deal with at the moment was thrown.

Some time last spring I turned it into Maddy’s playroom but it was always messy and my idealistic idea of having the girls share a bedroom wasn’t working because as soon as baby fell asleep in her crib, Maddy would wake her up. Last month, I put a few of Maddy’s toys in her room, then downsized more than half of them by donating or tucking away the rest.

Now Le Petite Pearle/espace désordre is the baby’s bedroom. It still has the Eiffle Tower stickers and Maddy’s art work on the wall (our miniature Louvre). I’ve hung up baby’s dresses and added butterfly and flower stickers to complete the theme of spring time in Paris. Angie has her own space to fall asleep and STAY asleep, it’s easy to keep clean, and I still have my little dress shop even though my sewing stuff is in the basement. All is well.

E is for EMO-DOH

I created “Emo-Doh” last summer to help The Mad One deal with overwelming emotions such as anger, saddness, and even happiness (or usually excited anticipation) by taking Play Doh and covering them with these little labels. When she’s really angry and wants to hit or hurt, I pull out the Mad Emo Doh and let her pound on it. If she’s sad or sulky, here comes the Sad Emo Doh. If she’s really excited about something coming up and having a hard time waiting, I pull out the Glad Emo Doh and let her play with it. We’ve even started mixing up the Emo Doh when more complicated and mixed feelings arise, like worry or disappointment. It’s been a great visual and hands on technique for dealing with something so abstract as emotions.

E is for Elmo

While we were shopping at Party City to prepare for Maddy’s seventh birthday party, Maddy asked Angela if she’d like a Mickey Mouse birthday or an Elmo birthday party. Angela replied “Elmo” twice so, Elmo it was! My neighbor Marlena who recently started her own dessert making business called, “Sew Sweet” made this darling Elmo cake. I found this size 6-8 Elmo outfit on Craigslist for $10 and we invited Elmo to the party. Our 5 year-old friend Kaya donned the outfit and jumped out of a box to surprise the baby and the crowd.

D is for Daddy

Today we celebrated the letter D by meeting Daddy at work for lunch and seeing where he works.

D is for Diapers

I’ve been going a little overboard with the diaper acquisition process lately because I’ve been finding great deals on diapers that average 9 cents a diaper instead of the 14 cents for generic Target and Walmart brands and 22-28 cents a diaper for Huggies and Pampers. In addition to following the sage advice of Carrie Rocha, I was able to take advantage of a sale at Target this week on Huggies and used both store and manufacturer coupons to get an awesome deal. Guess what the baby nieces are gonna get for Christmas?

She wanted a waiting chain for the whole year so she could count down to all the birthdays including relatives, especially cousins, friends, and holidays. I only finished six months…not sure where we’d put the other six months so baby doesn’t pull them apart and eat them. Each night we try to write about a few of the days activities and events so it’s kind of a journal too.